Gen10 Plus Servers

Leading the way in delivering a new and transformed compute capability for the modern Digital Enterprise

New business requirements demand new compute solutions. To survive, today’s organizations need differentiated and workload-optimized technology to deliver the latency, flexibility, and performance needed to turn data into insights and innovation at the speed of business.

Today’s businesses are on a path to evolve
the edge-to-hybrid cloud IT estate to:

Support new business models
Elevate digital-first, digital-native approaches

Fast-track digital transformation to:

  1. Unlock agility
  2. Boost operational efficiency
  3. Enhance innovation potential

UNMATCHED WORKLOAD OPTIMIZATION with Gen10 Plus Accelerating the time to solution

Building the solution in approximately five hours - which is

5X faster

with HPE tools

 ~200 steps

to just a few clicks - from deployment to lifecycle management
Improving the VDI end-user experience with

10X faster

Citrix® logins
Starting VMware® VMs in one-third the time -


seconds versus


Migrating to cloud services in just

30 minutes

Running SAP
solutions up to

400% faster

Recovering databases

60% faster

- in only six minutes compared to 15 minutes previously
  • - Reducing deployment complexity
  • - Minimizing risks using validated, product-ready solutions
  • - Deploying solutions designed to scale as the business grows
Using a flexible, efficient, composable cloud infrastructure to complete tasks in about

2 minutes,

compared to six to eight hours previously

New upgrades from Gen10

Gen10 Plus

  • Silicon Root of Trust
  • Runtime Firmware Verification
  • Secure Recovery
  • CNSA
  • Secure Supply Chain

Recent Innovations

  • Marsh Cyber Catalyst Rating
  • One Button Erase
  • Server Config Lock
  • Pensando Integration
  • Trusted Supply Chain

Gen10 Plus Benefits

  • TPM 2.0 –Run more secure workloads
  • Self-Encrypting (SED) –Compliance, platform support and factory integration
  • Zero Touch Provisioning –Automation with ISS

Advanced Workload Performance with Gen10 Plus

Solution-optimized for
performance and cost
ProLiant security advances with digital device identities and platform certificates
Built with the latest performance advancements from AMD Milan and Intel IceLake

Core Compute Gen10 Plus Portfolio

AMD Milan

  • DL325 for mainstream VDI on VMware
  • DL345 for data management
  • DL365 for dense virtual applications with Citrix
  • DL385 for AI & Analytics with HPE Ezmeral

Intel IceLake

  • DL360 & DL380 for your private/hybrid cloud
  • DL110 for vRANand 5G edge
  • SY480 the workhorse of your Synergy environment

HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus v2 server

VDI (Low)
Higher performing CPUs drives lower TCO for VDI, Increased memory benefits VDI instances

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HPE ProLiant DL345 Gen10 Plus server

Reduced licensing costs with single socket benefiting from more performance/core and increased storage performance

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HPE ProLiant DL365 Gen10 Plus server

VDI (Mid - High), Containers
Maximum core density and high memory capacity drives density for VDI

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HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Plus v2 server

ML, Big Data Analytics
Increased performance/core and Massive parallel processing with dual socket to speed up analytics

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HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Plus server

Containers, Private/Hybrid Cloud
Dense dual socket system in 1U , up to 50% higher CPU performance drives densities and lowers costs

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HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Plus server

The Gold Standard for Data Centers
Configuration flexibility, up to 26% higher in storage density in SFF and 60% higher storage density in NVMe, 1.6x memory bandwidth

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HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen10 Plus Telco server

Telco vRAN / cRAN
Carrier-grade ruggedized NEBS Level 3 compliance platform, Purpose-built for Telco Open RAN, ideal for 5G deployment

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HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Module

Composable Infrastructure
Integrated management makes deploying bare metal or virtualized environments quicker. Greater densities with more CPU/memory perf

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AS-A-SERVICE EXPERIENCE Free up capital ,boost operational and financial flexibility,
and free-up talent to accelerate what’s next for you

Get faster time
to market
Save on TCO, align costs to business
Scale quickly, meet unpredictable demand
Simplify IT operations across your data centers and clouds

HPE greenlake The cloud that comes to you


75% shorter time to deploy digital projects


85% less unplanned downtime


147% estimated ROI


40% increased IT team productivity by reducing the support load on IT


30-40% TCO savings due to eliminated need for overprovisioning

HPE Powers The Next Wave Of Digital Transformation Leading the way in delivering a new and transformed compute capability for the modern digital enterprise


Powering the next wave of digital transformation by:

  • Addressing the new requirements of the next wave of DX
  • Delivering a new kind of computing based on systems & solutions that are optimized, secure, simplified, & offered as a service


Incorporating decades of engineering and expertise to deliver a fully workload-optimized portfolio


Enhancing the product portfolio with HPE Pointnext Services


Delivering workload-optimized capabilities as a service from HPE GreenLake


Boosting agility to fund your transformation initiatives